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Phraya Phakdi Chumphon ( Lae ) Monument   The people of Chaiyaphum built the monument in 1975. It is  dedicated to the first  governor of  Chaiyaphum called Chao Pho Phraya Lae by the locals.

Phraya  Phakdi  Chumpol statue &  shrine of Chao Pho Phraya Lae ( seen top right ) Located at the circle leading into town centre. Honours the  founder of Chaiyaphum Province and was built byvoluntary donations form the local people. Not too far from town  centre is the site  said to be where  Phraya Phakdi Chumpol ( Lae ) was  assassinated by invaders from  Vientiane. Here was erected a shrine in his memory called san chaopho Phrayualae, the title his people bestowed on him, with a statue of his likeness inside, Every year, beginning on the first Wednesday of May, a week long festival in his commemoration is held.Chaopho Phraya Lae Shrine Every year, a ceremony to pay respect to the shrine is organized during the 6th lunar month prior to  Visakha Puja Day. Also, ceremonies to give propitiatory sacrifice to  the spirit through a Phi  Fa dance are  conducted regularly.

Prang Ku  ( seen bottom right photo ) is a stone sanctuary from the Khmer period with a plan characteristic of Arogayasala - a nursing home - constructed in the 12th to 13th century. There is an annual fair in the 5th lunar month of each year.One of the oldest religious structure in Chaiyaphum Province, is situated in Ban Nong Bua, Tambol Nai Muang about 3 kms. From town centre along route 202. Built of sandstone, it enshrines a Dvaravati Period Buddha image with is highly revered by the local inhabitants. Bathing rites are held each year on the day of Full Moon in April.

Bai Sema Ban Kut Ngong  These are sandstone boundary markers in the Dvaravati style of approximately the 7th to 8th century CE which were discovered near the village. Most of them are big with a bas-relief in the front, while some were also inscribed on the back as well.

Phu Laen Kha National Park The geographic condition of this area is a complex mountain range with both dense jungle and timber forest which are the watershed of streams that run into the Chi River.

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